Life Saving Transportation Tips

transportEvery day we travel via road, air or water and put our lives at risk. However there are many ways to minimize the risks and live longer while enjoying transportation activities. Please read the tips below. They may just save your life!

Boat Safety Tips

boatWhen most people get out on the open waters they feel like there is no threat of an accident since there is no traffic. This is wrong. Relaxing and getting complacent will lead to accidents. Here are some tips to stay safe on the waters:

1. Don’t drink and drive

2. Wear a safety vest at all times

3. Don’t drive fast around other boats

4. Don’t drive fast in choppy waters

5. Don’t turn too sharp at higher speeds

6. Take a boat safety course

Motorcycle Safety Tips

bikeTheres nothing like the adrenaline rush one can get from riding a motorcycle. However, it is easier to die in an accident on a motorcycle for obvious reasons. You just dont have the same protection as a car. Here are some riding safety tips.

1. Wear a helmet even if its not required

2. Wear leather pants

3. Slow down!

4. Don’t ride between cars in traffic

5. Take a motorcycle safety course

6. Don’t show off even when its tempting

7. Don’t get road rage, the car will win

8. Wear a visor to protect from bugs

Follow these tips and you will most likely stay alive a lot longer.

Auto Safety Tips

highwayAutomobile accidents are the number one cause of deaths in the USA. That is so significant but so overlooked by the every day commuter. Here are some tips to make your driving experience safer.

1. Regular maintenance

2. Always use safety belts

3. Check tire pressures periodically

4. Don’t talk on cell phone

5.  Don’t drive when overly fatigued

6.  Drive the speed limit

7. Adjust speed for weather conditions

8. Don’t eat and drive

9. Don’t drink and drive

10. Don’t drive angry

11. Always use child safety seats. Click here to view recalls on some brands.

Remember, not only will these tips save your life but they can also save you money on your insurance. Some insurance companies will offer cheap car insurance for a clean driving record. Follow the link for one such company.